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Spare beeswax

I got some plastic foundation for frames, but they're uncoated.

Does anybody have some spare beeswax laying around they don't need?


Raw Beeswax

Hi Rien

Raw beeswax either in block or pellet form is becoming increasingly harder to obtain as more commercial beekeepers are pricking instead of uncapping their honey combs when extracting. I have been unable to get hold of any through my normal suppliers over recent months but I see that raw beeswax is often available on Trade Me. You should expect to pay at least $30 per kg. Do not confuse with paraffin wax.


I have some spare beeswax

I have some spare beeswax collected from my solar melter. It is mostly dark as it is wax from old brood combs. If you are interested, I will try to remember to bring to the meeting next week.  What about $5 for 500g block?

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