The aim of this competition is to get members to prepare and present a sample of their own honey.

A cup is awarded to the winner of the liquid honey class.

There are three classes in the competition:

  • Liquid Honey.  This is the standard honey produced from extraction.  The emphasis is on quality of presentation, it is not about the taste of the honey.  Ensure that there are no air bubbles, particles, granulation, and suitably low water content.
  • Creamed Honey.  The emphasis is once again on presentation, with the aim being to have a smooth and consistent texture to the honey.
  • Comb Honey.  Entries to be a frame of honey that would be suitable for cutting and packing as comb honey.  Emphasis is on the presentation of the frame.  Please bring a complete frame.

Conditions of entry:

Entries in classes 1 and 2 are to be presented in a clear, glass jar (around 350ml) with a well-fitting lid.  Entries in class 3 are to consist of a complete frame (either full, ¾ or ½ depth).

No labels or markings on the jar or lid for entries in classes 1 and 2.   The frame in class 3 should also be clear of any identifying marks.

There is a limit of one entry per member for each class.

Tips and advice:

The secret in this competition is to take great care in filtering your honey to remove impurities and to get rid of air bubbles.

The cleanliness and clarity of the container is also important.

Start only with the best honey that has low moisture content (so that it will keep).

Judges’ comments from previous years have indicated a high standard of entries, but there have been some recurring problems with impurities such as bee’s legs, air bubbles and high levels of moisture.  Pay particular attention to these things to come up with a winning standard of entry.
Prepare more than one entry and select the best for the competition.


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