Wellington Beekeepers Association

To promote interest in Beekeeping, assist in the control of bee diseases,
and improve the technique of apiculture amongst club members.

Current Notices and Important Information

Nuc and/or Queens in Spring 2022

The club is collecting orders from members who want spring nuc colonies ($250) or queens ($75) which will be available in October. If you would like to place an order then please register here.

Beginners Beekeeping Course - September 2022

The club will be running a five week beginners beekeeping course this spring (cost $250). The course will commence on Thursday 1st September and will finish on Thursday 29th September. If you would like to attend this course then please register here

Receive unwanted swarms - Spring 2022

Members who would like to receive unwanted swarms collected during the coming swarming season should flag their interest in their HelloClub account.  Once you are logged in, then click on the icon in top right to go to your profile page.  Select "Member details" and then the "Club" tab.  You can update various information here, including whether you wish to receive any unwanted collected swarms.  Don't forget to turn this off once you no longer wish to receive any swarms.

Join Club

Instructions for joining the Wellington Beekeepers Association are on this page.


We encourage members to use the site nzbees.net for forum discussion of problems or issues, and if members want to communicate with other members, then please use the Facebook group.


To report a swarm, or find out about collecting or dealing with swarms, please visit our swarms page.


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