Wellington Beekeepers Association

To promote interest in Beekeeping, assist in the control of bee diseases,
and improve the technique of apiculture amongst club members.

Current Notices and Important Information

Tutin testing time 

The WBA is once again organizing tutin testing for club members until the end of April. Honey samples will be dispatched to the lab in batches of ten for composite testing.

Cost $20 per sample. Sample jars are available from the Treasurer - John Burnet Ph: 04 232 7863 or 027 437 9062

Members are advised tutin testing is not compulsory unless you are selling or bartering your honey. For details go to https://www.mpi.govt.nz/food-business/honey-bee-products-processing-requirements/managing-tutin-contamination-in-honey/

Instructions for joining the Wellington Beekeepers Association are on this page.

We encourage members to use the site nzbees.net for forum discussion of problems or issues, and if members want to communicate with other members, then please use the Facebook group.

To report a swarm, or find out about collecting or dealing with swarms, please visit our swarms page.


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