What to do with Swarms

If you discover a swarm contact the WBA who can organise a local beekeeper to call by and collect it. Give Jim Hepburn a call or text on 021 926 823 and he will activate the WBA 'swarm catcher' network. 

Report a swarm

The Wellington Beekeepers Club offers a service to the public to collect honey-bee swarms. For the quickest response we recommend you contact the WBA swarm liaison person Jim Hepburn on 021 926 823 to be put in contact with a beekeeper in your local area.

Alternatively please complete the adjacent form and click the "submit" button. You will be contact by a member of the Association, and arrangements made for the swarm to be collected.

Is it a Bee or a Bumble bee?

People notifying us of swarms often confuse bees with bumble bees. Whilst they are both beneficial pollinating insects bumble bee are generally harmless and only require removal when absolutely necessary.

View our bumble bee information page here

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Message Sent.

Please provide details of location of swarm at the property.  Useful details are its location (eg in a tree at front), how high above ground, and approx size (tennis ball, soccer ball size).


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