Club membership

There are five classes of membership

1. Standard member. This is the usual membership category. The annual subscription is $25.

2. Junior member. This membership category is avaialble for young people aged from 13 to 20. The annual subscription is $15.

3. Family member. This membership category allows additional family members to be added to a standard membership. There is no subscription associated with this category.

4. Honorary member. This is given to people who have made a contribution to the club which the committee wishes to recognise.

5. Life member. This is awarded to club members who have given significant service to the club over a number of years.

The membership year for Standard and Junior members terminates on 31st May every year.  Members who join after 1st January have their membership set to expire on 31st May the following year.

Join the club

See here for instructions regarding joining the Wellington Beekeepers club.

Making a payment to the club

Wellington Beekeepers Association Incorporated

Account number: 03-1534-0009311-000

Payment instructions:
Please use your name in the particulars field, and the order number in the reference field

Membership database

The club uses the Hello Club service to manage it membership database.  Members will need to log into this service to renew membership after the 31st May each year, and to update their details at any time this is required. 

The club has an annual honey competition in the autumn. There are three classes of entry:

  • Liquid honey
  • Creamed Honey
  • Comb honey

A cup is awarded to the winner of the liquid honey class.

See the full details and competition rules.

The club runs an annual mead competition at the end of each year.  There are four classes of entry:

  • Traditional dry mead
  • Traditional sweet mead
  • Traditional sparkling mead
  • Open – Nontraditional meads using Fruit (Melomels) or Spices (Metheglins) or a combination of these.

See the full mead competition rules here.

The club holds an annual photo competition in the middle of the year.  There are four classes of entry:

  • Bees
  • People and environment
  • Open / creative
  • Photo story (a sequence of four photos)

Enter the competition and upload your photos.

Refer here for full photo competition rules.

Join Wellington Beekeepers Club

We welcome all beekeepers to the club, and we aim to provide opportunities for new beekeepers to learn how to successfully keep bees and manage their hives.


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