There are four Categories:

  • Bees: Photographs that reveal insights into the life cycle, habits and biology of the bee
  • People and Environment: Portrayal of the people, activities, locations and environments that comprise the world of beekeeping
  • Creative / Open: Innovative and imaginative interpretations of the world of the bee and the experience of beekeeping.
  • Photo story: A series of four photographs that tell a story on any theme to do with bees and beekeeping


  • Entries restricted to members of the Wellington Beekeepers Association.
  • Photographs must be taken by the member submitting.
  • Entries to be minimum 5x7 and maximum 10x8 unmounted prints with a small white border
  • Captions are allowed.
  • Where the order of presentation is important, this must be clearly indicated.
  • Name and address must accompany each entry.

There will be a winner and runner-up for each category as well as an overall winner and runner-up. There will also be a popular vote in each category.

The club reserves the right to use any entry for the promotion of bees and beekeeping.

Digital Copies

In addition to submitting print entries, entrants are requested to provide digital copies of their photos for placing on a website.  The purpose of this is to provide a repository of photos which can be used by members and others for the promotion of beekeeping. 

Upload your photos here


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