Nuc and Queen Orders for Spring 2023

Please provide your name and email address and indicate if you would like one or more nucleus colonies and/or one of more Queen bees. Note that multiple orders for nucleus colonies may get scaled back if there are insufficient colonies available in the spring.

The costs of queens and nucleus colonies are not known at this stage, but we can note that last spring the cost was $75 for a mated queen and $250 for a nucleus.  The costs this spring are likely to be similar.  If you register, then you will be notifies of the costs once these are known.

There is also the opportunity to provide a short message to the club if you have any special requirements.

You must be a member of the Wellington Beekeepers Association to be able to order queens or nucleus colonies through the club this way.

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Thank you for your order. We will be in touch with you regarding payment and delivery.


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